April 2023
This Mouse Atlas resource has been unfunded for 5 years and maintained in "as-is" state by the Human Genetics Unit. That support is being withdrawn and the machines decommisioned in September 2023. Please contact R.A.Baldock@ed.ac.uk if you have any comments or wish to take on all or part of the resource.

June 2017
New image browser access to all data using the Zegami visualisation tool now available here

24th November 2016
We are now part of the Elixir UK Node

29th March 2016
3D rendering tool released for ts15-ts25.

3D models updated to v12 ontology (v13 for eHistology).

22th February 2016
NEW Kaufman Atlas Supplement with Coronal Sections released.

26th January 2016
New 3D anatomy viewer using WebGL:
See the 9 day (Theiler 14) model and click "3d view" at the top RHS.

20th November 2015
Release v4.1.
3D anatomy released for EMA:7 (ts7), EMA:8 (ts8), EMA:9 (ts9), EMA:10 (ts10) & EMA:27 (ts14).

20th November 2015
Release v2.0.
Release of Kaufman Supplement atlas.
Update of Kaufman Atlas terms to v12 ontology.

18th May 2015
Release v4.0.
3D anatomy released for ts15, ts17, ts18 & ts19
anatomy query & various bugs fixed.

18th May 2015
Release v1.0.
Release of eHistology beta version with Kaufman annotation.

26th February 2013
Release v3.5.
Anatomy domains in IIPViewer have improved colour and transparency options.
Additional downloads available for high resolution sections.

4th February 2013
Release v3.4.
New models with delineated anatomy EMA:65 (ts19), EMA:146 (ts21), EMA:147 (ts23), EMA:148 (ts24), EMA:149 (ts25).
Model summary page.
Searchable anatomy ontology trees.

1st June 2012
Release v3.2.
Interactive tree and downloads for abstract ontology.

18th May 2012
Release v3.1.
Delineated anatomy in section view EMA:54 (TS18).
IIPViewer improved help.

15-16th May 2012
Workshop on Atlas Informatics.
Joint MRC/INCF/SICSA Workshop.
Edinburgh. 15-16 May

20th April 2012
Major website release v3.0.
Delineated anatomy 3D and section view.
Model Viewer enhancements.
Query databases from model viewer.
Ontology view with interactive tree.

12th Jan 2012
Additional TS12 model EMA:145.
High res embryo head (cultured).

20 September 2011
Latest website release.
Additional models at several stages.
Model views improved and standardised.
3D viewer enhancements.
Movies added to stage definition page.

17-20 September 2011
The 6th International Chick Meeting
The Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, UK

27-30 April 2011
British Society for Cell Biology and British Society for Developmental Biology Joint Spring Meeting
Kent University Canterbury

March 16-18, 2011
Workshop on Visualizing Biological Data
Broad Institute, Cambridge-MA, USA

9th-11th March 2011
ISCB Africa ASBCB Conference on Bioinformatics
Cape Town South Africa
Workshops 7th - 8th March 2011

4th March 2011
Launch of new eMAP and eMA website integrating all previous EMAP models into new IIP browsers, coming soon anatomy browser