The table below lists the e-Mouse Atlas models that are available on our website. This table is designed to be a quick link to find a Theiler staged post implantation embryo where an anatomical component has been delineated.

  • Serial section reconstructions are where the e-Mouse Atlas have used serial histological sections to build a 3D reconstruction.
  • 3D is where all sections within the model are delineated. 3D reconstructions can be sectioned on arbitrary plane using the interactive Internet Imaging Protocol (IIP3D) viewer.
  • Key sections are where some sections within the model are delineated. Once loaded into your browser window, use the arrows (key sections) to display the next key section with anatomy delineation.
  • The Kaufman Atlas is a collaborative project with Prof M H Kaufman and the publishing house Elsevier. The e-Mouse Atlas group have re-digitised the original and previously published monochrome images from the book entitled The Atlas of Mouse Development and now display the original histological section in colour and at x20 magnification using the IIP3D viewer.

Theiler StageEMAP IDDPCMouse ModelModel TypeSourceAnatomy DelineationeHistology
Ts07EMA75.0dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas3DeHistology
Ts08 EMA85.5dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas3DeHistology
Ts09 EMA96.0-6.5dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas 3DeHistology
Ts10 EMA107.0dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas3DeHistology
Ts11 EMA177.5dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas3DeHistology
Ts12 EMA218.0dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas3DeHistology
Ts13 EMA248.5dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas3DeHistology
Ts14 EMA279.0dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas 3DeHistology
Ts15 EMA289.5dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas3D, 2D Key sectionseHistology
Ts16 EMA3810.0dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas to be completedeHistology
Ts17 EMA4910.5dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas3D, 2D Key sectionseHistology
Ts18 EMA5411.0dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas3D, 2D Key sectionseHistology
Ts19 EMA6511.5dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas3D, 2D Key sectionseHistology
Ts20 EMA7612.0dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas3DeHistology
Ts21 EMA14612.5dpcEmbryoMRI data setCaltech3DeHistology
Ts23 EMA10814.5dpcForelimbOPT 3D reconstructionNIMR3DeHistology
Ts23 EMA10914.5dpcHindlimbOPT 3D reconstructionNIMR3DeHistology
Ts23 EMA14714.5dpcEmbryoMRI data setCaltech3DeHistology
Ts24 EMA14815.5dpcEmbryoMRI data setCaltech3DeHistology
Ts25 EMA14916.5dpcEmbryoMRI data setCaltech 3DeHistology
Ts25 EMA10317.5dpcKidneySerial section reconstructioneMouseatlas 3DeHistology
Ts26 EMA10217.5dpcEmbryoSerial section reconstructioneMouseatlasKey sectionseHistology

We also host MRI and OPT data sets deposited to the e-Mouse Atlas through collaborations with Caltech and the MRC National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR). If you wish further information on any of our models or have any comments about our website please email