eMouseAtlas software applications

For current software see the Woolz software page.

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MAPaint Interactive application to manually segment, "paint" 3D voxel data. This is a X11/Motif based application providing very fast access to section views through the data volume. The software allows the user to define arbitrary regions of the 3D space - termed a domain - by manual and semi-automatic delineation. In any session up to 32 domains can be defined simultaneously which are saved to independent files. Domains are full 3D image objects that can be manipulated with the woolz libraries and command line tools. UserManual (pdf)
MAPaint Technical Report (pdf)
MAPaint Affine Supplement (pdf)

MA3DView Application to review a 3D voxel image, adjust the grey-level histogram and to crop the volume. Typically used as part of the normalising process for Optical Project Tomography (OPT) images which may need grey-level re-mapping. An X11/Motif application for Linux and Mac OSX.  
MAWarpPaint X11/Motif application to provide warp-based painting from one section view to the next. The user defines a series of tie-points linking two sections which are then used to tranfer a delineation or domains. Can be sued in conjunction with MAPaint to provide a rapid high-resolution delineation of a voxel image volume.   Source code
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