A variety of software has been developed by EMAP.

This includes:-

  • JAtlasViewer.
    JAtlasViewer is a 3D volume browser providing section and 3D visualisation implemented using the programming language Java which will run on all platforms. The volume data can include segmentations, for example with labelled anatomy, the viewer provides feedback and navigation through the anatomical nomenclature.

  • 3D Voxel Browsers, Segmentation and DataMapping Application.
    Tools used for annotating and spatially mapping 2D and 3D image data including: manual delineation of 2D/3D image (MAPaint); 3D voxel image visualisation, cropping and grey-level mapping (MA3DView); and spatial mapping of complex 3D geometries (WlzWarp).

  • The woolz libraries and binaries.
    A highly efficient interval based image processing system
    The woolz image processing system has been adopted as the standard for EMAP and is used for all the reconstructions and anatomical, gene-expression and spatial domains.

  • IIP3D server and viewer.
    IIP3D (previously WlzIIP)provides a novel fast method to access large 3D volumetric data sets of biological or medical imaging atlases.


If you are interested in using EMAP software, or need more help, then please contact EMAP.


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