Many people have contributed to the Edinburgh Mouse Atlas over the years. Currently active people in the project are listed below.

IGMM - MRC Human Genetics Unit:

Project leader: computing
Dr. Chris Armit Senior Editor, EMAGE database
Bill Hill Image analysis, processing and graphics. Systems management
Allyson Ross Laboratory work (embryo preparation)
Full-stack software development (database, application server and web frontend)

Past Contributors

Dr. Duncan Davidson (Retired)
Project Leader: biological. (MRC)
Prof. Jonathan Bard (Retired) Project Leader, (Anatomy. Edinburgh University)
Prof. M. Kaufman Project Leader, (Anatomy, Edinburgh University)
Xingjun Pi Database developer, GUDMAP project, (MRC)
Dr. S. Venkataraman (Venkat) Editor, EMAGE database (MRC)
Peter Stevenson EMAGE systems management and computing support.
Mike Wicks Research Support Scientist, Chick Atlas Project
Dr. Jianguo Rao Image processing, 3D warping and matching, HBP collaboration .
Julie Moss Laboratory work, image capture, anatomy delineation.
Lorna Richardson Deputy Senior Editor, EMAGE database.
Nick Burton Programmer.
Liz Graham Laboratory work, image capture, anatomy delineation.
Jeff Christiansen Senior Editor, EMAGE database (MRC)
Christof Debreull

Jackson Laboratory:

For more details of who is working in the project contact Dr. Martin Ringwald at the Jackson Laboratory.

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh:

Many students have contributed to emap at the Department of Computing and Electrical Engineering, Heriot-Watt University. All with the supervision or co-supervision of Dr Albert Burger who is also at the Medical Research Council:

Dr. Albert Burger Initial Database design, distributed database systems.