Here are listed a selection of studies performed using specimen provided by different people at the HGU, studying various aspects of vertebrate development. Click on the icons to access images, movies and further information about each project.

Analysis of shape variation in the developing limb buds of chick embryos
Specimen prepared by: Candice Sy

Reconstruction of unstained embryos for the Edinburgh Mouse Atlas
Specimen prepared by: Allyson Ross

Whole-mount in-situ hybridisation to analyse Sox9 expression (BCIP/NBT)
Specimen prepared by: Jacob Hecksher-Sorensen

Analysis of the 3-D distributions of LacZ-expressing cells in the developing forebrain of mouse embryos (E12 - E14).
Specimen prepared by: Alison Wilkie

Structure of the developing pancreas, as visualised by fluorescence immunohistochemistry of E-Cadherin
Specimen prepared by: Ulf Ahlgren

Fluorescent double-staining of whole embryos, to analyse the distributions of two expression patterns in the same specimen
Specimen prepared by: Ulf Ahlgren